Human Resources: Expedited Hiring Process

Will we continue to use the e92 system?
Yes for now there are no changes to the e92 approval process.
What positions are impacted by this change?
  • All unclassified positions will use the expedited hiring process. Including new positions not posted as classified.
  • The following classified positions will also use the expedited hiring process:
    • Child Welfare Assistants I-III
    • Child Welfare Specialist I/II
    • Social Services Specialist I/II
  • Classified positions posted as DHS ONLY will use the same process.
How do announcements change with the expedited hiring process?
  • The positions listed above will be announced using our new applicant management system JazzHR.
  • Announcements are live on immediately upon posting.
  • Announced positions (except DHS Only) will be automatically posted on over 20 free job boards including: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIN, glassdoor, Google, Facebook,, Juju and more.
  • Announcements stay open until the position is filled. (no close dates or re-announcements required)
How does this change the hiring process?
  • No need to wait for the announcement to close to see applicants or set interviews.
  • No eLists will be issued. This is a live system so applicants are visible immediately upon submitting an application.
    • The Rule of 10 and Absolute Veterans rules no longer apply.
    • All qualified applicants can be considered and interviewed.
  • The system asks applicants to verify they meet the minimum qualifications.
    • For example: If the position requires a bachelor’s degree, the system will ask if they have a degree and the university they attended. If they say yes, they will automatically move into your qualified applicant pool. If they say no, they will be auto-rejected and will receive an email stating they do not qualify. You should not see rejected applicants.
    • Hiring managers must verify the information is correct. If the applicant says they have a degree the transcript must be requested and degree verified.
When will I receive access to JazzHR?
HRM is working to add users to JazzHR. Those with positions currently open on will be added first.
Will any positions not use this process?
Currently, only Customer Assistance Representatives will not use JazzHR. They will continue to use the previous eList system where the rule of 10 and veterans rules still apply.
Who do I contact for questions? HRM Recruitment and Retention (previously Talent Acquisitions)

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