Administrative Assistant Processes: Vehicle Incident

The police MUST be called when any vehicle accident in a state vehicle or personal vehicle (on duty) occurs.

Accidents MUST be reported immediately to your supervisor, CWS AAII (for CWS) and all other divisions to the AFS AAII.

Forms to be completed:

The employee’s supervisor is responsible for initiating, investigating and submitting the completed forms with additional information – police reports, photographs, and any witness statements to and

As with any incident, all forms MUST be given to:

Child Welfare Staff – CWS AAII (will then give/send copy to AFS AAII)

All other divisions – AFS AAII

Note: All documents are scanned to Risk and Safety Management Unit, and originals are maintained at the workplace with the AFS AAII in a location separate from the employee’s personnel file.

It is imperative that Supervisors and Employees complete paperwork immediately upon becoming aware of incident and return to the AFS Administrative Assistant II as soon as possible.

Please make sure all of the documents are filled out entirely and have been signed by both the employee and supervisor before turning them in. This will help avoid causing any delays in getting the claim processed.

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