Child Care Subsidy: Kith Care

OKDHS is partnering with George Kaiser Family Foundation to use the Kith Care online platform to extend in-home care to 50 families who have been identified as living in child care deserts in the Tulsa area. Unlike other families currently using Kith Care, the population participating in this geographic pilot program will be subject to regular income eligibility guidelines.

Beginning Monday, December 14, you will start to receive child applications via LIVE for these 50 families. This is expected to start slowly and pick up by January. They will provide a letter from a community partner working with the family identifying them as a Kith Care participant. The current community partners are Strong Tomorrows, Children First, and Healthy Steps.

You will determine eligibility and approve in FACS like you would for any other family except for entering an authorization. (The Kith Care platform will serve as the attendance and payment system for this pilot.)

When you receive the edit PSE539 AUTHORIZATION MUST BE ENTERED, email At this point, State Office will over-ride the edit and ensure the client is issued an approval notice. As always, document the client is a Kith Care participant in case notes.

The Kith Care website was created as collaboration between GKFF and OKDHS to address the needs of essential healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the success of the program, OKDHS is planning on expanding the Kith Care online platform for traditional in-home care in the future, streamlining the payment process for caregivers.  For more information about the Kith Care program, please visit Kith Care.

Refer any questions regarding Kith Care to

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