SNAP: ABAWD, Student Eligibility, and Work Registration Coding Examples

The following are examples in which ABAWD, Student Eligibility, & Work Registration consideration come into play on the same case.

Example 1

Betty came into the office and applies for services for herself, her husband Tom, and her daughter Beth. Betty reports that she is unemployed and receives unemployment benefits. Tom is also unemployed and attending the local community college full time. Beth, age 8, looks forward to going to school where she can play with her friends.
Betty and Beth would be coded as exempt from work registration and added to the benefit as Betty is exempt for receipt of unemployment benefits and Beth due to age. Tom would be considered an ineligible student, since student status is considered before work registration. Therefore work registration will not be considered with Tom. Tom would be coded S/N on the case.

Example 2

William and Mary apply for SNAP. They live with Mary’s sister Jennifer along with Jennifer’s twin two year old sons. They all purchase and prepare food together. Jennifer works 35 hours a week at the local daycare center, where her sons also attend. Jennifer reports that she never leaves the children alone with William and Mary as they are not responsible. William (29) and Mary (25) both report being unemployed and having no income of their own.
Jennifer and her two sons will all be exempt from work registration. Jennifer is exempt for being employed 30 or 30+ hours per week, and her sons due to age. All three would be added to the benefit (S/A). Both William and Mary would have to agree to register to work. Once they agree to register to work, both would be exempt from ABAWD as there is a minor in the SNAP household. Both William and Mary would also be added to the benefit (S/A).

Example 3

Sally, age 21, is applying for SNAP benefits. She lives with her mom Marie and her 15 year old brother James. Sally also has a 3 year old daughter Sue. All household members have to be on the same case because Sally cannot declare separate household as she is only 22 years of age. Marie works at Wal-Mart 30 hours a week.
All household members will be coded as added to the benefit (S/A). All household members are exempt from work registration as Sally is a caretaker for a child; Marie is employed 30 hours a week; and Sue and James are exempt for age.

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