AFS Special Procedures: UpdatedDisaster SNAP – Maximum Benefit Supplement

The SNAP Emergency Allotment Supplement brings all households up to the maximum amount of SNAP benefits no matter the household circumstances. Each month a request has to be sent to FNS for Oklahoma to issue the supplement. The latest approval has been for October. This has occurred related to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

A weekly job to automatically issue the EA Supplements occurs from state office. If a client contacts you to notify that they have not received their supplement; first check the BN screen for issued supplements. The EA supplement will display with a DS (disaster) code on the BN screen.

BN Screen with supplement status highlighted.

Use the following instructions to manually issue the EA Supplement if the supplement has not been issued by state office.

In IMS, use the FSSR transaction and enter the following fields:

  • Case Number
  • Worker U Number
  • Supervisor: Re-enter worker U Number
  • Type Issue = DS
  • For Date = Date of Disaster
  • C16 Number of Children
  • C17 Number of Adults

Do not enter any other fields. This includes income.

Press Enter.

Review Entries to accuracy. Then, press Enter again to issue the supplement.

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