SNAP: UpdatedOK SNAP Works Referral Process

Who can be referred?

OK SNAP Works (SNAP E&T) is a voluntary program that welcomes both ABAWD and Non-ABAWD participants as long as they are screened appropriate and deemed eligible for our services.

Work Registration / ABAWD

During the initial interview, renewal, or applicable change in household, the topic of OK SNAP Works could be covered when addressing worker registration and ABAWD status. If a client does not meet work registration or ABAWD exemptions; participation in OK SNAP Works can fulfill the work requirement and a required screening/referral. Per our SNAP E&T state plan. If the participant does not live in a servicing area OR chooses not to participate the survey will screen them out.

NOTE: The providers are located in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Pittsburg, Muskogee, Okmulgee, McIntosh, and Haskell counties, but individuals in surrounding counties can participate if they have transportation. Please determine if a provider will be a good option for travel for a client prior to referring them. The client will need to be able to get to and from a provider each day. Transportation assistance is provided, but there will be maximum amounts. The maximum amount may not cover all transportation costs. Some providers also offer online options.

Click the link for the referral.

OKSNAP Works SNAP E&T Screening and Referral

Once the link is clicked, the form will appear.

  • Make sure to answer all questions with the best information available.
  • The screening will end the survey if determined as inappropriate for our services.
  • Click yes and then submit to complete the referral.
  • After submitting the referral, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Please be sure to case note and document the conversation and referral in the ABAWD section of FACS.

A new referral will need to be completed for each participant volunteering for our services.

OK SNAP Works Supports

While clients participate in OK SNAP Works they will be eligible for several supports. These supports include childcare while they participate in SNAP E&T activities. OK SNAP Works can help clients buy clothing for interviews, clothing or uniforms required for their employment. The program also pays for tools or personal safety items needed to perform the services of their career. For clients who have issues with transportation, gas cards and bus passes can be given.

If a client is in need of childcare services while they participate in OK SNAP Works they must complete the child care application process. Workers would follow their normal child care application process with only a few extra steps. A worker should ensure the client completes a PS-1 and an FSS-1-B, or completes an application through OKDHSLive online, and has supplied a provider contract number. You will need to complete and document the interview with the client in case notes and image all verification received. Once all this information has been completed, an email can be sent to . OK SNAP Works staff will then handle the processing of the application of child care for an ongoing

SNAP E&T participant.

There may be situations where additional information or support is required. Contact OK SNAP Works staff for information at .

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