Contracts: How to Log into Image Viewer

The following are instructions to log into Image Viewer for contracts:

  • From the InfoNet page, select “Finance Applications”.
    Infonet about us page.
  • Log into the “Finance Division” page using your network password.
    Finance Division login page.
  • Select “BIS application extended viewer”.
    Finance division admin landing page.
  • Double click on “OTGFIN02” from the list of directories.
    Window showing all available directories.
  • Click on the Login button on the pop-up screen.
    EMC login page.
  • Select the “CONTRACT2” sub-directory.
    Directory expanded with the "CONTRAC2" folder highlighted.
  • Check both the “Purchase Authorization Number” and “Document Description” boxes. Enter the PA# of the contract you want to review and click “Submit.”
    Directory query page. A form persists with a column for index values, and a column of inputs for search values.
  • Select an icon from the left column. Each icon represents a document with the most recently imaged at the top. Generally, the original contract will be the icon at the bottom of the list with subsequent icons representing Change Orders. The initial contact will be described as “Master File”.
    Search query results in a table format.
  • The requested document will appear
    Document viewer with pages listed on the left aside..
  • Most documents have more than one page. At the top of your document there should be a tool bar that indicates the page number and buttons to go to the next or previous pages. Use the scroll column to navigate through the pages.
    Window containing the document viewer.
  • To go back to the initial menu and select another document from this contract file, click on the magnifying glass icon.
    Document viewer with the Search Query button highlighted on the top menu bar.

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