AFS Special Procedures: UpdatedCOVID-19 Related Child Care Initiative

Employees of licensed child care providers will continue to be eligible for free child care through 09/30/2024.  You should continue to code the payee with $4 (no other income should be coded on the system.) The child care employee needs only to provide proof that they work for a licensed provider to be eligible.  If the child care employee is married or living with the other parent of the child(ren), we do verify that the other parent is working during the same hours, but the other parent’s income is not considered or coded on the case. When the parent also receives SNAP, all income must be diverted using block E.47 except for $4. When you receive the copay lock or no earnings edit, email for an override.

The need factor must be met as with all AFS related child care. The choice of provider requirements at 340:40-5-1(7) are also required.

  • Code the child care authorization with W5.
  • Be sure to assist the family with getting the EBT card (if a new case) and clarify which card should be used for each child (if more than one case for the family)
  • Provide the EBT video for the customer to watch

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