SNAP: Afghan Immigrants & Humanitarian Parolees

Afghan Immigrants

There are multiple categories of Afghan nationals arriving in the United States.

The nationals may be refugees, special immigrant visa holders (SIVs), SIV parolees (also known as special immigrant parolees), asylees, or humanitarian parolees.

Refugees, special immigrant visa holders (SIVs), SIV parolees (also known as special immigrant parolees), and asylees are immediately eligible for SNAP as long as other eligibility requirements are met.

Afghan Humanitarian Parolees

Afghan nationals arriving as humanitarian parolees are generally not immediately eligible for SNAP benefits. Humanitarian parolees when determining SNAP eligibility.

They must be qualified and eligible.

Qualified alien

Parolees, per ITS 3(a)(6) on 340:50-5-67, enter under Section 212(d)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for at least one year. The parole period must be at least one year, not the length of time the person has been in parole status.

Eligible alien

Parolees must also meet one of the eligible conditions in ITS 3(b). Parolee children under age 18 and individuals receiving benefits or assistance for blindness or disability, who receive parole into the U.S. for at least one year, are immediately eligible for SNAP.

SAVE and Verification Procedures

All persons claiming alien status must submit verification, and the worker must use SAVE to verify the person’s status. We do not deny a SNAP applicant without first running SAVE to determine that person’s status.

The verification may include but it is not limited to:

  • An Afghan passport with a Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection “PAROLED” stamp in their passport or an “OAR” notation in the parole stamp,
  • an I-94 showing date of admission and the “OAR” notation, or
  • a Form I-766, Employment Authorization Document with a C11 category.

Status Changes

Parolees may have their status adjusted to that of an eligible non-citizen who does not need to meet an additional condition. For example, if an Afghan humanitarian parolee adjusts to a special immigrant visa (SIV) status and meets other SNAP eligibility criteria, the individual is eligible for SNAP from the date of adjustment.

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