Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Mineral Interest Valuation Request Form

Often the value of mineral interests must be taken into consideration in determining applicants’ eligibility for assistance. While the process is not necessarily complex, there are three basic categories of mineral interests (royalty-producing, leased, and unleased), each requiring different types of documentation for evaluation. The Mineral Interest Valuation Request Form is now available to assist in the collection and submission of the information required.

Users simply open the form and begin answering questions. Each answer guides the user to the next step of the process. Users may move through each step in the process, completing and submitting the form, use the form to request further assistance if problems arise, or use the form to discover what additional information is needed and return to complete and submit it once information has been gathered.

Additionally several very informative articles remain available on Quest providing detailed information about the valuation process, documentation required, sample letters to oil/gas companies, and oil company contact information — Quest Mineral Interest Articles.

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