SSI-DCP: UpdatedSupplemental Formula Program

Effective 07/01/22, oral supplemental formula for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHNC) is now administered through Sooner SUCCESS (Title V Maternal Child Health Services Block Grant contracted partner agency).

AFS staff will no longer take the formula request and input it on the AUSN-F screen. Instead, AFS staff will simply refer families to Sooner SUCCESS. Sooner SUCCESS will take the application, determine eligibility, order and distribute the formula, and review eligibility annually.

Flyers in both English and Spanish versions are linked here for the Supplemental Formula Program through Sooner SUCCESS showing the benefits, eligibility and contact information. Please share this flyer with families who request oral supplemental formula for a CYSHCN child birth through 17 years old. Receipt of SSI is no longer a requirement for formula only.

Avenues to contact SUCCESS for oral supplemental formula:

  • Call Sooner SUCCESS at (405) 271-2710 OR,
  • Email Sooner SUCCESS Supplemental Formula Program at OR,
  • Scan the QR code in the flyer below, if using a smart phone, to be taken to the application hyperlink for oral supplemental formula, OR
  • Click on the following hyperlink (Supplemental Formula Application), if using a laptop/desktop computer, to be taken to the application for oral supplemental formula.

NOTE: The application has both an English and a Spanish option available when inputting information. Additionally, Sooner SUCCESS have bilingual staff to assist families.

For additional information or questions regarding the new supplemental formula process or other SSI-DCP related questions, please refer to Instructions to Staff OAC 340:15-3-1 the HR&MS Mailbox and title the Subject Line of the email in the following format: SSI-DCP – Client’s First, Last name / Client’s Case Number

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