Income Calculations: Child Support Calculator Set Up and Use Instructions

The Child Support Calculator Tool (CSCT) functions to reduce common, unearned income errors by simplifying navigation of the IMS KI1 Screen, and plotting the most recent four months of payment data to a traditional monthly calendar to aid in pattern identification.

CSCT Initial Set-Up

The first step in using the CSCT is making sure the copy/paste settings are set up to allow Append. After accessing Reflection for the Web, click the Edit button located on the toolbar. If “Append” is greyed out as shown here, click on Copy/Paste Settings.

DSD Mainframe with the "Edit" menu opened.

Select Use entire display when there is no selection to enable Copy Table and Append.

DSD Mainframe with the "Copy/Paste Settings" opened.

The edit options should look like what is shown here.

Windows edit menu with the following options: cut, copy, copy all, copy table, append (highlighted), paste, clear, select all, copy/paste settings...

Using the CSCT

In IMS, access the Ki1 screen.

DSD Mainframe ISD screen.

Select Edit, then Copy All from the menu.

DSD Mainframe ISD screen with the "Edit" menu opened. "Copy all" is highlighted.

Press Enter to get to the second Ki1 screen. Select Edit, then Append from the menu.

DSD Mainframe ISD screen with the "Edit" menu opened. "Append" is highlighted.

Go back to the CSCT “workbook” and click on the Home Screen and select Paste.

DSD Mainframe CSTC paste screen.

The CSCT calculator will cycle through to provide the calculations. There may be some slight flickering of the screens as this process occurs. The screen produced is shown here.

CSTS calculator page.

Several option buttons are available to choose from. For example, clicking the “See Bi-weekly Calculation” button will produce the screen shown here.

Bi-weekly calculation page.

The bi-weekly and weekly screens will provide several button options as well. For example, clicking the “Generate Case Note” button will produce the screen shown here.

Generate Case note is highlighted.

The “Copy Case Note” button can be clicked and the contents pasted into FACS case notes.


The data can also be viewed in calendar format by clicking the Calendar button.

Calculations in "Calendar" view.

Note: Please remember that the Child Support Calculator Tool does not replace worker insight. You will still need to evaluate recommendations to make sure they are accurate.

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