Child Care Subsidy: Job Search – Change of Providers

A client may request a change of providers during the 3-month job search period.  Since the child care section of a job search case is already closed, we should add a gap authorization using the incorrect begin date process.

In the Household Tab in the Interview Notebook, you will need to K/A the child(ren) who need the change of provider for the date of the requested change.

Example: If the gap authorization is being opened at the new provider for K45 begin date of 08/15/23 and end date 09/16/23, child must be K/A eff F27=08/15/23.

Next, select the Auth. Daycare Tab in the Eligibility Notebook.

Select the appropriate child in the Person Name field. Once you have chosen the correct person, hit “shift/insert” to enter the new gap auth.  You will need to place the cursor in any of the blocks after the person’s name and hit the insert button on the keyboard to add another authorization.

On the new authorization enter:

  1. contract number.
  2. reason that the authorization is being opened (to search for employment)
  3. child care request date (original request date from your certification)
  4. correct begin/change date (actual begin date of the gap auth)
  5. appropriate end date (date of job search closure. See note below regarding K47 edit)
  6. unit type
  7. number of units
  8. appropriate notice indicator which is “Application approval”

The computer will automatically update the copayment effective date to match the begin/change date.

Next, save and send to supervisor.

Please remember:

  • Do not make a change on closed sections of the case (including the closed E-section).  This will result in edits.
  • Do not choose “change of provider” as the authorization approval reason code on the authorization – use “application approval.”
  • Do not reopen the E-section of the case.
  • Do not make updates on the closed/previous authorizations that are already closed for reason “job search has ended.”   Do not touch them.
  • If you accidentally begin adding an authorization on the wrong person, please refresh/blue barrel and start over, do not save it.

If you receive the following end date edit, End date in k47 is incorrect please send a Remedy ticket.

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