Income Calculations: Terminated Income

The following outlines procedures regarding terminated income. Some of the households that apply for benefits may declare that an income source that they have received in the past has ended. This may be from an unearned source such as unemployment benefits or social security; or earned income in the case of employment ending for an individual.

If the household declares that a source of income has ended recently, we must verify the termination date and gross amount of income received in month of application.

Note: If the client is receiving SSI, record the client’s statement about the income in case notes. Verification is not necessary.

For employment termination, ask the individual if they have a termination letter with them or allow them to log into former employee pay site. If the interview is by phone, the client may fax, upload to LIVE, or email pictures of pay verification.

You may also be able to use an approved access third party verifier website for the information. As we cannot access the Work Number site; please refer to article First Contact Resolution: Third-Party Verifiers for some that we may be able to access.

If verification of terminated income cannot be completed using these methods, we would need to contact the employer to verify termination, final pay date, and pay amount.

There are times in which you will not be able to verify termination and/or final pay amount using a call to the employer. In that case, if the client’s statement is not questionable, accept client’s statement as best available for termination date and final pay.

Note: In order to use best available for final pay; there must be a documented contact with the employer indicating that final pay amount cannot be verified, or when you are unable to reach the employer, you must document at least two separate ways OKDHS has attempted to obtain the verification before using best available. The attempts ordinarily may not be calling the same telephone number back – to – back. Try a second phone number if it is available. You may need to ask the client to perform a web search to obtain the number. If there is only one number; the worker may call at the beginning and the end of the interview or phone call. Indicate the date(s), time(s), and how the contact attempts were made.

If the client’s statement is questionable, thoroughly document the situation in case notes. Explain to your client what is still needed and issue Form 08AD092E or 08AD0925 for an official request. Explain to your client the form gives them 10 days but providing it sooner means that a decision can be made more quickly. Provide the client Form 08AD094E for the employer to complete.

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