ABAWD – Regained Y Months and Expedited Eligibility

All initial applications must be screened for expedited eligibility. If the client is also ABAWD (Able Bodied Adult without Dependents), expedited eligibility DOES NOT get ignored. If during the interview the client claims that: he/she does not meet any of the exemptions; has not worked at least 80 hours in any 30 day period since […]

ABAWD: Requirements, Terminology, & Exemptions

ABAWD: Flow Chart

Open the ABAWD Flow Chart as a .pdf ABAWD Exemptions Does the individual meet any of the following exemptions? Child in household Under age 18 or over age 49 Unfit for work (chronically homeless) Pregnant Exempt work registration If YES  – S/A May receive without time limits IF NO – Proceed to Employed Is the […]