Self Care / Wellness: Contacting DHS Volunteer Chaplains

Are you having a difficult time in your life? Everyone has problems now and then. The DHS Volunteer Chaplains Service provides support and assistance to DHS employees and their families. Our volunteer chaplains are committed to caring for the special needs of our staff and their families through a presence of compassion. They are dedicated to helping people find comfort, hope and strength in trying times

For information and assistance, contact the Chaplains Coordinator, Laree Reidenbaugh. In an emergency or after hours, call (405) 323-2155.

Mark Balthrop – Assistant Coordinator HRMD
Work: (405) 522-8591
Cell: (405) 823-7508

David Burgess – KIDS Help Desk 55-C
Phone: (405) 522-3973

Rick Combs – Retired DHS
Cell: (918) 915-0105

Cari Crittenden – AFS Sequoyah Building
Phone: (405) 521-4089

Steve Doty – Tulsa County 72H
Cell: (918) 810-3287

Ethel Himes – Retired DHS
Phone: (918) 407-3767

Lisa Holley – Retired
Phone: (580) 226-0000

Dee Jolly – Tulsa County
Phone: (918) 640-9113

Kristin Mason – HRM – Sequoyah Building
Phone: (405) 522-0892

Denise McKinnon – Washington County
Phone: (918) 338-5860

Laree Reidenbaugh – Coordinator HRM
Work: (405) 522-6005
Cell: (405) 323-2155

Shana Ritchie – Region 1
Phone: (580) 302-2198

Richard Southerland – Retired DHS
Phone: (405) 282-3802

Stan Vavra – Tulsa DDSD
Phone: (918)921-3652

John Parker – CWS Foster Care / Adoptions 55D
Work: (405) 767-2846
Cell: (405) 534-8879

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