FACS: How to Close a TANF Case on Earnings

  1. Verify employment information: start date, wage, hours scheduled, etc.
  2. Open an employment line on the Auth ET&E tab (a.k.a. TANF WORK) in FACS.
    • Person Name = Employed individual
    • Action taken = Open
    • Component = Employment full-time or part-time (depending on hours scheduled)
    • Source = Employer name
    • Begin/Change Date = Date employment began
    • End Date = Do not enter when opening a line
    • Scheduled hours = How many hours scheduled per week by employer
    • Hourly wage = Dollars and cents of pay rate (Do not enter the $ sign)
    • Occupation Code = Enter a description as close as you can find
    • Review Date = The first day of the month following the effective date of closure from the Financial tab (B section)

    Authorizations E T and E Tab in Eligibility Notebook in FACS displaying the process of opening a line of employment.

  3. Make a change on all open case sections and send the case to the supervisor or clear case on worker authority if allowed.
  4. Check EK on IMS to see if the employment line went through with no errors.
    • If there is an error either correct it or back the employment line off the system and begin again.
  5. Add income to the income tab on FACS.
    • If weekly scheduled work hours are 20 or more update “TANF Work Hours” block to the weekly hours so the work-related expense will calculate correctly.

    Income Tab in Interview Notebook in FACS displaying the process of adding earned income to case with TANF Work Hours field highlighted.

  6. Close the Financial tab (B section) using the reason “Earned Income- New or Increased Earnings 03.” Effective date will be the next effective month depending on deadlineFinancial Assistance Tab in Eligibility Notebook in FACS displaying process of closing financial assistance section with Continued Medical Begin Date highlighted.
  7. If client has received TANF at least 3 months out of the last 6, update the bottom right “Continued Medical Begin Date” block to the date TANF is closing.
  8. Go to the Medical Gen tab and update F190 categorical relationship indicator to Continued Medical on each person included on TANF.
    • Note: If the household has not received 3 of the last 6 months of TANF, it may take a Remedy ticket to clear the case if there is an edit.

    Medical General Tab in Eligibility Notebook in FACS displaying process of changing categorical relationship to continued medical with Categorical Relationship Indicator highlighted.

  9. After all participation hours from employment up through the case closure date have been entered on the ETPAI screen in IMS, close the employment line on the ET & E tab as follows:
    • Action taken = closed
    • Begin/Change Date = TANF closure date

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