Process for Closing Medical (Death)

Process for closing medical on reason of death.

Process for Closing Cases (Death)

Procedure to close LTC authorizations for reason (death).


QUIZ on Closures

Categorical Relationship – ABD Eligibility after SSI Closure

A client may still be eligible for DHS disability and blindness related benefits if SSI closes their benefit for income or resources.

County Director Process – Emergency Office Closure

Procedures for Emergency Office Closure

Mid-Cert Renewal : Closure Codes

Benefit Reporter Households Closure Codes If the Mid-Certification Renewal (MCR) is not submitted or is incomplete, the section will close using code ‘36S’ as the reason for SNAP and medical. The closure code for childcare is ‘36.’ SNAP Only: In non-report months, if a change occurs and is reported the only valid closure codes are: Code […]

UpdatedHow to Close Child Care Case / Authorizations

The following are examples of how to close child care. When child care is closing for all children in care; it must be closed in the Child Care Tab (Section E). Do not make any changes to the Auth Daycare Tab for this type of closure. When closing child care for an individual child when […]

SNAP Closure Codes

Home Property / Revocable Trusts

Effective 09/01/2016 Home Property in a revocable trust is considered an available resource. When a client’s home property is in a revocable trust, the worker informs the client or his or her representative that the home property exemption does not apply unless the property is removed from the revocable trust. The worker provides the client […]

Transitional Food Benefits