NewNew Job Within 30 Days of Closure

Instructions regarding New Job Within 30 Days of the Job Search Period Closure Date

Updated3 Month Job Search Coding Examples

3 month job search coding – approval, closure, change of provider, new cert after closure

Harmony Procedures – Common Issues

Common Issues that cause an Authorization Conflict with Harmony

Harmony Procedures – Changes

Harmony procedures concerning changes.

SNAP Quality Control (QC) Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding QC

Process for Closing Medical (Death)

Process for closing medical on reason of death.

Process for Closing Cases (Death)

Procedure to close LTC authorizations for reason (death).


QUIZ on Closures

Categorical Relationship – ABD Eligibility after SSI Closure

A client may still be eligible for DHS disability and blindness related benefits if SSI closes their benefit for income or resources.

Mid-Cert Renewal : Closure Codes

Benefit Reporter Households Closure Codes If the Mid-Certification Renewal (MCR) is not submitted or is incomplete, the section will close using code ‘36S’ as the reason for SNAP and medical. The closure code for childcare is ‘36.’ SNAP Only: In non-report months, if a change occurs and is reported the only valid closure codes are: Code # […]