Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT): EBT – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are FAQs regarding the new EBT Process for SNAP and Child Care Cards.

  1. Under the new process, which types of benefit cards are still printed in the county office?
    • All new SNAP cases. A new case in EPPIC will not have had any card issued and will not show “ACTIVE”.
    • All EO SNAP cases whether it is a new or replacement card.
    • All Child Care only cases.
    • All SNAP cases that have open Child Care benefits.
    • A case is considered “New” if it has a new primary or a new Authorized Representative.
    • Client’s that are coming out of a shelter/treatment center that had an AR card for the client.
    • Clients that have not had SNAP benefits in the past 24 months.
    • Clients that are truly homeless and can’t provide any address.
    • Replacement cards for damaged EBT cards (Client must bring in damaged card)
    • Clients that have had a name change due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc.
    • Payee or Authorized Representative ordered a card by mail and it did not get delivered after 10 business days.
    • The CD or their designee can make an exception and approve a card print. (For example, a client claims their card was stolen.)
  2. My client does not know their card number? How can they order a replacement?
    • By calling the 1-888-328-6551 number. It will ask for the 16 digit card number, but they should not enter anything. It will then give them 3 options. (1) Enter your card number, (2) report a lost or stolen card, (3) Enter your personal information. They will need to choose option 3. It will then ask for their SS#.  If they enter a valid SS# that is on file in IMS, it will ask for their DOB.  If they enter their DOB as is on file in IMS, it will ask for their PIN.  If they enter the PIN that is matched to the DOB and the SS#, it will take them to the main menu to select different options which includes replacing a card.
    • OR
    • They can go to the web site www.connectebt.com , but they will have to set up their user name and password first.  The portal will ask for their 16 digit card number.  If they don’t have it, it does not have an alternative option method.  They can get their current active card number from any county office support staff that has access to SNAP EPPIC, including those who are read-only staff.  After they get that number, then they can go out and set up their account and order a replacement card.  Once their account is set up, it will remain on the system unless they decide to change or terminate it.
  3. Are clients able to go to another local office to obtain a SNAP only replacement card?
    • NO. This has gone state-wide so please don’t tell a client that it is only your office that cannot print replacement cards. Please advise clients that the process has changed for all offices state-wide.
  4. What if the client states that they are homeless?
    • Individuals that state they are homeless are commonly in two categories. The first are those that are staying in someone’s home; for instance a relative, friend, or at a shelter. An address can be provided in which to receive the card. Other options that can be used for mailing purposes is the Homeless Alliance, a local church, a shelter or the local AFS county office address. “General Delivery” to a local post office can be used for the client to pick up their card at the post office. They will have to use the address of “General Delivery”, <name of city>, OK < zip code>.
    • Homeless individuals that cannot have mail sent to a specific address and cannot get to a USPS office; i.e. individuals that do not have shelter provided. This would meet the “truly homeless” exception and the card would need to be printed in the office for them.  As always County Director discretion should be used in these decisions.
  5. What if I receive the message “DESTINATION CAN NOT BE FOUND OR CREATED, DEST=D”
    • To clear this error, use your pause-break to clear the screen. Then type CARDR. This should return you to the correct screen.
  6. How are clients (undocumented aliens) without a social security number able to access the system to request a replacement card?
    • If they do not know their 16 digit card number, they should wait until they are given additional options. They need to choose option 3 and enter nine zeros when prompted to enter their social security number. As long as the date of birth and PIN number is correct, it should take them to the main menu.
  7. How Do I determine the status of a card as NEW, LOST, DAMAGED, or STOLEN?
    • Use the following guidelines to determine the status of a card
      • NEW – Customer has NEVER had a previous card on that case
      • LOST – Customer has had a card previously, but is unable to locate it
      • DAMAGED – Card is Unreadable, magnetic strip no longer works, torn, etc. Must have damaged card with them.
      • STOLEN – a police report has been filed.
  8. We have a card request on the CARDA screen that we need to abort. How do we do that so that the EPS unit doesn’t print the card?
    • If an office has a scheduled request and they want to remove that request before sending over to EPS, they can now do so. There is a purge selection. The attendant can enter a “P” by a request to purge or remove that request from the scheduling without sending it over to EPS. Refer to article EBT: Card Attendant Duties for additional information.
  9. Can a client call DHS to have their replacement card mailed to them?
    • If DHS gets a call from a client and the DHS worker confirms that they are speaking with the client and the client requests that their replacement call be mailed to them, then the DHS worker needs to contact the EPS unit at ebtdaycare3@okdhs.org or call (405) 521-2200 and give EPS the information so that EPS can go into EPPIC and have the card mailed to the client. Be sure to include the case number, case name, and address so that the EPS worker can make sure the card is going to the right client and to the right address.
  10. Can a new client get their card mailed to them? What about replacement day care only cards?
    • No. Conduent does NOT mail new cards (cards for payees or authorized representatives who have never received a card yet). Conduent only mails out replacement cards for SNAP clients. New clients need to watch the EBT video and sign for their card. Conduent is NOT set up to mail any day care only cards, new or replacement. These must be printed in the county office.
  11. What is the process for when a client orders a card to be mailed to them?
    The process includes the following steps:

    1. Client calls or goes online to order a card by mail before 10:00 p.m.
    2. 10:00 p.m. of the same day, a mailing list is created. If they call or go online after 10:00 p.m., then it is added to the next day’s list
    3. On the morning of the next day, the list is sent to FIServe and a card is embossed and put into the mail. (This is the date that shows up in EPPIC)
    4. If the list is made on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (or a holiday), the list doesn’t get to FIServe until Monday and the card is embossed and mailed out that day.
    5. The card is coming from Indianapolis, IN and usually gets to OKC or Tulsa within 3 to 5 days.
    6. From OKC or Tulsa, the card is routed by U.S. Mail general service (not expedited or overnight) to the town or post office it is for.
    7. That post office then sends it out by postal worker to be delivered.
    8. Holidays and weekends do not count in the 7-10 business days as the company that mails out the cards is closed and the U.S. Mail doesn’t run on those days except Saturday
  12. What is the process for printing cards for a client that has had a name change?
    • A client may have had their name changed (marriage, divorce, adoption, etc., but the name change must be processed in IMS first. If the case has a different name in IMS than what is on the request, ask about the discrepancy. If the name is incorrect in IMS, notify the case worker to make the correct name change in FACS/ IMS first.
  13. What if the client’s name contains special characters; hyphens, apostrophes, and numbers such as 3rd?
    • Special characters in the client’s name do not cross over to EPPIC, to where the card cannot be printed. Leave out all special characters and/or type the number out, i.e. III for 3rd.
  14. What if the client is requesting an EBT card to be printed out for the purpose of using it to verify that they are receiving benefits, i.e. showing their SNAP card to receive free or reduced cost telephone service?
    • For clients who have an open case and/or are applying for benefits, requests made to print an EBT card are acceptable. We should always assist eligible clients in obtaining additional resources outside of the county office. However, if the request to print an EBT card is for an old case that has been closed or if the application has been denied, please do not send in a request for a card in those situations.
  15. (Treatment Facilities) A patient entered the facility, no case, and AR card was printed in county office. Patient left the facility, AR card was deactivated, and client never requested a payee card. Client has now returned to the facility.

    Can another AR card can be printed in county office or will a request to Conduent need to be made to have one mailed?

      • County office can print a card as long as the AR was removed from the EBTU EF screen when client left the facility. If the AR is still on EBTU EF screen the AR will need to call Conduent and request a card mailed.

    When this client leaves the facility again, can we print a payee card in the office for the client to either mail or for pick up?

      • Yes, a payee card can be printed in a county office, and comments on the CARDR should reflect the following: Shelter /Treatment Center Exception.

    What if the client did have a payee card, but it was deactivated when re-entering the facility. Will client have to call Conduent and get a card mailed?

      • Yes, a payee card can be printed in the county office, and comments on the CARDR should reflect the following: Shelter/Treatment Center Exception.

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