Leadership: Field Manager Process – Office Contamination

When the Field Manager becomes aware a client in the county office has a contagious or infectious disease: If possible secure the area the client had access such as an interview room. Contact the local Health Department to speak to one of the nurses. The nurse will tell you if the specific issue is contagious and how it needs to be addressed. The County Health Department website also has information sheets on specific diseases.

On the Health Department website: Oklahoma State Department of Health (340) search for acute disease service, select disease information, this will bring up an alphabetical list of diseases.

When you select a specific disease such as scabies you can then access an information/ fact sheet that includes how the disease is spread and how to prevent the spread of the disease.

If treatment other than securing the area, cleaning/disinfecting the area is needed contact the Deputy Director.

For further information regarding Contagious Health Conditions, refer to the SOP.

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