Employee Safety: Safety – Contagious Health Condition

DHS is responsible for ensuring employees work in an environment that is reasonably free from unsafe health conditions. Employees have a responsibility to report to his or her supervisor any condition that may be contagious to other employees and/or clients. Such conditions may include but are not limited to bed bugs, lice, pink eye, influenza or other contagions. When a supervisor becomes aware of a contagious health condition, the supervisor must notify the County Director. The County Director will notify the AFS Deputy Director of Operations. The County Director can require the employee to use available sick leave, and if necessary annual leave or leave without pay, during any recovery phase to ensure the protection of other employees and/or clients. The employee must provide a physician’s statement or documentation that supports that the employee’s contagious health condition is no longer a risk to the health and safety of other employees or clients. Documentation could include a receipt from an exterminator for treatment of bed bugs, or a receipt for lice medication. It is the employee’s responsibility to provide the necessary documentation to confirm he or she is no longer contagious or contaminated in order to return to work.

The employee must maintain communication with the supervisor as to the progress of the situation.

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