Leadership: Field Manager Process – Practicum Student

  • Have the student complete a Master application https://www.jobapscloud.com/OK/ and note on the top of the application “Practicum Placement Request”
  • Have the student provide the name of the university they are attending and the name of their intern instructor. Discuss with the student’s intern instructor/university the number of hours per week/number of week’s required (specific dates)/other requirements of the practicum.
  • Obtain signatures on Form 11PE206E SD-4 Practicum Request/Agreement from the Student/Field Manager /Facility Practicum Instructor/OKDHS Division Administrator. (Found in InfoNet Forms).
  • Complete other required paperwork (linked below).
  • Come up with a plan for the time spent in the county – i.e. – days/hours to be in the office; rotate between units; time in reception; etc.
  • Someone in the county office will need to be assigned as the student’s intern supervisor to monitor the student’s time/assignments/evaluate.

Volunteers, LIHEAP, WEP and unpaid college practicum students are not subject to pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.

Student cannot drive the state car since they are not State employees. If doing field work; complete Travel Claim Form 10AD006E – ADM-6 and Vendor Information 10CO135E ADM-135 at the time of claim.

Form: 04AD003E v.4 Request for Background Check (submit completed form to your Regional Secretary)
Form: 04PE001E Mary Rippy Violent Offender/OK Sex Offender Registration Act
Form: 05AD133E v.4 Employee and Non-Employee Acknowledgement of Confidentiality
Form: 05SC004E MID-1-A Logon Authorization for non-OKDHS Employees
Form: 11RS100E ADM-100 Driver License and Liability Insurance Attestation
Form: 11AD042E Request for Approval of Other Employment (if applicable)

Forms are to be kept at the county level. No forms are to be sent in to HRM.

For more information, please see the Practicum (Internship) Student Checklist

Policy: 340:2-17-3 Practicum placements
Policy: 340:75-1-241 Educational practicums

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