Leadership: Field Manager Process – Workplace Violence

  • When there is an act or threat of violence, the DHS office activates the Occupant Emergency plan.
  • All employees have a duty to report an act or threat of violence. Form 11RS011E
  • The Field Manager investigates and reports using form 23RS008E to the Risk and Safety Management Unit STO.HRMD.RISKMGMT@okdhs.org and Human Resource Management Division *STO.HRMD.SERVICES@okdhs.org
  • Risk and Safety Management conducts a thorough investigation of all incidents
  • The supervisor will notify any targeted employee
  • An employee who has applied or obtained a protective order must notify the supervisor
  • An employee whose behavior demonstrates a serious threat to others may be required to submit to a mental health examination Form: 23RS009E
  • Each division is responsible for providing workplace violence training

Policy: OKDHS: 2-15-52
For further information regarding Incident Report / Protective Orders see SOP
Email: *OKDHS.IncidentReport@okdhs.org and your AFS Regional Deputy Director

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