Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Income – Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran’s Benefits can be any of the following types of income:

  • Veteran’s gross monthly Veteran’s Administration (VA) benefit amount (Veteran’s Pension)
  • VA gross monthly Aid and Attendance benefit amount
  • VA gross monthly VA benefit amount for dependents
  • VA Retirement
  • VA Disability Compensation
  • Deceased Family Member’s Benefit

The following are forms to use to obtain verification of Veteran’s Benefits for an individual.

ABCDM-95 Request for Information Regarding Veterans Benefits is the form used to obtain permission to verify information of payment made to individuals based on the service of an identified veteran.

VA Form – 21-0845 Authorization to Disclose Personal Information form is used to complete an authorization to disclose personal information to a third party. By law, the VA must have written permission to use or give out claim or benefit information.

Refer to article: Long Term Care (LTC): Veterans Pension / Aid & Attendance for additional information regarding eligibility and coding.

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