AFS Special Procedures: inCONTACT

inCONTACT is a product that will be used to field telephone calls during the time in which most of our staff is working from home. Calls can be routed to the phone number you select. Usually this will be your personal cell phone, but the caller will not be able to see your phone number.


Worker will receive an email that will include the password for the inContact website.

inContact page sign in form.

  • User Name is DHS email account.
    Email message with a password change. Subject line reads, "inContact Password Changed".
  • Enter the password provided in the email sent to you.
  • You will then be prompted to change your password.
  • You will have an “agent account. Click on the boxes shown here in graphic.
    inContact page with an arrow pointing to the menu icon on the navigation menu.
  • Click “Launch Max” This allows you to set the phone number to which the calls will be routed.
    inContact page showing the menu item, "Launch Max".
  • Click on “Connect”
    "Phone Number Or Station ID" form. The "Connect" button is highlighted.
  • Click on arrow to “Unavailable” and select “Available”
    An inContact page showing availability. "Available" option is focused.
  • When you need to step away, select “Unavailable” The type of “Unavailable” does not matter.

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