AFS Special Procedures

Articles that deal with special procedures, telework guidelines, and health & safety guidelines relating to the Coronavirus.


Instructions for Accessing INCONTACT System

Telework Overview

An overview of Telework

Tips for Managing Teleworkers

Tips for Managing Teleworkers

Tips for Telework

Telework is the process where DHS allows an employee to work from home using a computer connection to the DHS mainframe. Keep in mind the following tips concerning telework. Be available. The teleworker will be required to be available to communicate with the supervisor, co-worker or the public by telephone and email during their telework schedule. […]

Remote Supervision – Tips

Supervision is a constant yet always changing mechanism for making sure the job gets done.  It’s constant because some form of guidance and regulation will always be needed to ensure quality work is being performed.  It’s always changing due to variations of the workforce or modifications within the organization.  Remote employees, those employees who office […]