Case Notes: Abbreviations and Acronyms

When determining TANF Work requirements how is the term “minor mother” defined?
What does the term ABAWD stand for?
Which of these is the definition of a “Custodial Parent?”
Which of the following is not a division of DHS?
Which of the following is not a computer based application or system used by AFS employees?
Transitional Food Benefits (TFB) and Transitional Child Care (TCC) are a continuation of SNAP or child care benefits under what conditions?
What does the acronym PWE stand for?
Who is described as “a person who is knowledgeable of the household circumstances and who is designated in writing by the head of the household, spouse, or other responsible household member to act on behalf of the household?”
What provision of the Medicaid program allows enhanced federal funding for children in the custody of OKDHS, the Office of Juvenile Affairs, or a federally recognized Indian tribe?
Who is known as an Asylee?

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You can learn more about acceptable abbreviations and acronyms in case notes, as well as see the answers to these questions in the Common Abbreviations and Acronyms article as well as the Best Practices article in the Case Notes category.

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