TANF COVID 19 Procedures

Special COVID-19 Procedures Related to TANF

How to Check the Status of LIHEAP Application

Instructions on checking the status of LIHEAP Applications.

Unclear Information in NON-Report Month

Guidance on Addressing Unclear Information

TANF Disqualification

TANF Fraud and Disqualification

Agency View – COMMENTS

Instructions for the Comments Tab in Agency View.

8 Steps for Case Notes

Gemba Process regarding Case Notes.

SNAP Case Note Reference Guide

SNAP Case Note Reference Guide

Targeted Case Reads: SNAP Application / Recertification

Instructions on reviewing case notes.

Income – Earned Income Handling Checklist

Steps to handling earned income.

Documentation of EO Screening

POLICY and PROCEDURE Federal and state SNAP policy requires that all initial applications be screened for possible expedited processing (EO) the date the initial application was submitted to the agency. 340:50-11-2 Initial application screening:  All initial applications must be screened for expedited service entitlement….Screening must be done on the date the initial application was completed […]