Collaborative Coaching: 8 Steps in Collaborative Coaching Gemba

Collaborative Coaching can be used to focus attention on a key issue, develop employee skills, promote personal responsibility for problems and issue resolution, encourage collaboration for the discovery of obstacles and stumbling blocks, create a positive feedback loop between supervisors and the team, and disseminate information at the unit, office, division, and agency levels.

8 Steps in Coaching
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The following are 8 STEPS in Coaching:

  1. Coach engages coachee to establish a relationship.
  2. Coach understands content being coached.
  3. Coach ensures coachee has clear grasp of coaching session objective.
  4. Coach uses questions appropriately.
  5. Coach is actively listening to coachee.
  6. Feedback is being offered and received by both parties.
  7. Coaching session is being done in a collaborative manner.
  8. Guidance and follow up are provided.


  • What process are you observing today?
  • Why are you observing this process?
  • What do you expect to see?
  • Are you familiar with this process?

Expectations of Collaborative Coaching Gemba

Develop Relationship:

  • Does the supervisor understand the employee’s interests?
  • Does the coaching session foster open dialogue and cooperation?
  • Are both employee and supervisor engaged and listening to one another?
  • Does the coaching session contain constructive and targeted feedback?

Lead with Questions:

  • Does the coach use open-ended questions?
  • Does the coach use clarifying questions to assist with gaining information and understanding?
  • Do the questions remain focused on the main issue being coached?
  • Does the coach use active listening while employees answers questions that are posed to them?

Build from Strength:

  • What is the employee already doing correctly?
  • How are the employee’s strengths recognized?
  • Does the coach understand the employee’s current skill and knowledge level?
  • Do the coach and employee agree on the next steps to be taken?

Coaching Session and Follow Up:

  • Do the supervisor and employee have a shared understanding of the issue to be coached?
  • Does the session remained focused on the main issue?
  • Does the coach obtain commitment from the employee?
  • Do the coach and employee have a date and time for follow up?
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