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Template for Gemba Card

Shelter Expenses Gemba Card

Document & Resource for Gemba of Shelter Deduction

The GEMBA Walk

What is a Gemba Walk? In Lean Six Sigma, the term Gemba is used to describe visualizing and observing how work is done at the level of the worker. It is a Japanese word which means “the real place.” In an application sense, it means going into an office and watching a worker perform their […]

Eight Essentials of Collaborative Coaching

The eight essentials of coaching are examples of how the coaching process is essentially a reflective learning process.

SMART Objectives

Having a SMART objective to discuss in a coaching conversation provides a useful focal point. It clarifies the overall purpose of a work-based coaching conversation, which is to improve or maintain performance. An objective is a written statement of intent. It clearly describes what measurable actions or tasks an individual, team or organization wants to […]

Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves

Questions managers should ask themselves while walking the Gemba Why is this process other than how you visualized it? What disrupts the work? Where could mistakes be made? What keeps those mistakes from being made? Is there a mechanism to cue the employee to the correct way or alert them that a mistake has been […]

8 Steps in Collaborative Coaching Gemba

Collaborative Coaching can be used to focus attention on a key issue, develop employee skills, promote personal responsibility for problems and issue resolution, encourage collaboration for the discovery of obstacles and stumbling blocks, create a positive feedback loop between supervisors and the team, and disseminate information at the unit, office, division, and agency levels. The […]

The Importance of Questions

Despite popular opinion, leadership is not about knowing all the answers. It is about knowing what questions to ask and carefully listening to those answers.