Gemba Card Template

Template for Gemba Card

County Director Process – Overview

County Director Process articles are instructions regarding the “nuts and bolts” of activity that occurs in the county office. Several areas are covered such as safety, personnel, and contracts. Access the articles regarding County Director Process.

LeadUp Program

Provide information on LeadUp program and link to website.

Professionalism – Tips to Overcome Barriers to Developing Professionalism

(1)“I don’t have enough time.” New and experienced workers and supervisors can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of work coming at them on any given day.  “How do I prioritize and juggle all the demands?” Resources: Time Management Checklist Refer to article: Collaborative Coaching: Collaborative Coaching Gemba Card (2)“I don’t know what’s expected of […]

Task Management – Works Efficiently

Working Efficiently requires at least 4 key behaviors: apply current technology in practical ways to maximize efficiency; make wise use of outside resources; have a bias for timely action, and avoid procrastination; set priorities and approach assignments according the order of priority Working efficiently does not occur in a vacuum. Although efficiency starts with the […]

Relationships – Facilitating Team Success

Facilitating team success goes beyond individual relationships and involves: resolving conflicts fairly; creating an atmosphere of team cooperation vs. competition; building consensus on decisions when appropriate; leading your team to form goals that support the organizational mission; recruiting capable people to the team; using diversity of talent and experience to maximum team advantage Properly developed […]

Relationships – Building Personal Relationships

Building Personal Relationships appropriate for the workplace has 4 parts: Empathy: Show consideration for the feelings and sensitivities of others; Objectivity: Be free from prejudicial, stereotypical thinking, words and actions; Wisdom: Provide individual criticism tactfully and constructively; Poise: Maintain composure in high-pressure situations Effective leaders have many characteristics in common. Often overlooked is the importance […]

Production – Taking Action

Taking Action is comprised of these 4 mental habits: a clear sense of when to stop planning and start implementing; ability and sense of timing to take initiative to make things happen; is assertive in managing problems; capability to make timely, clear-cut, firm decisions The successful use of these four abilities requires a continual focus […]

Production Achieving Results

The second part of Production, Achieving Results, requires 3 abilities: ability to overcome obstacles, stay on course, and complete projects successfully; skill at setting outcomes that require high standards; and getting results that impact positively on the organization as a whole “Managers who lead their people successfully will overcome obstacles, stay on course, and complete […]

Personal Development – Displays Commitment

A Leader’s Personal Development includes two parts, displaying commitment and seeking improvement. Both of these sets of behaviors provide an encouraging example to others. Displaying commitment requires development of 3 traits: Maintaining consistently high energy level; persisting and persevering over a wide range of favorable and unfavorable circumstances and a positive outlook. Previous Leadership articles […]