NewWhen a Vacancy Occurs (Phase One Implementation)

Article to house the link to the document which details the process of when there is a job vacancy.

Gemba Card Template

Template for Gemba Card

LeadUp Program

Provide information on LeadUp program and link to website.

Task Management – Works Efficiently

Working Efficiently requires at least 4 key behaviors: apply current technology in practical ways to maximize efficiency; make wise use of outside resources; have a bias for timely action, and avoid procrastination; set priorities and approach assignments according the order of priority Working efficiently does not occur in a vacuum. Although efficiency starts with the […]

Relationships – Facilitating Team Success

Facilitating team success goes beyond individual relationships and involves: resolving conflicts fairly; creating an atmosphere of team cooperation vs. competition; building consensus on decisions when appropriate; leading your team to form goals that support the organizational mission; recruiting capable people to the team; using diversity of talent and experience to maximum team advantage Properly developed […]

Relationships – Building Personal Relationships

Building Personal Relationships appropriate for the workplace has 4 parts: Empathy: Show consideration for the feelings and sensitivities of others; Objectivity: Be free from prejudicial, stereotypical thinking, words and actions; Wisdom: Provide individual criticism tactfully and constructively; Poise: Maintain composure in high-pressure situations Effective leaders have many characteristics in common. Often overlooked is the importance […]

Production – Taking Action

Taking Action is comprised of these 4 mental habits: a clear sense of when to stop planning and start implementing; ability and sense of timing to take initiative to make things happen; is assertive in managing problems; capability to make timely, clear-cut, firm decisions The successful use of these four abilities requires a continual focus […]

Production Achieving Results

The second part of Production, Achieving Results, requires 3 abilities: ability to overcome obstacles, stay on course, and complete projects successfully; skill at setting outcomes that require high standards; and getting results that impact positively on the organization as a whole “Managers who lead their people successfully will overcome obstacles, stay on course, and complete […]

Personal Development – Displays Commitment

A Leader’s Personal Development includes two parts, displaying commitment and seeking improvement. Both of these sets of behaviors provide an encouraging example to others. Displaying commitment requires development of 3 traits: Maintaining consistently high energy level; persisting and persevering over a wide range of favorable and unfavorable circumstances and a positive outlook. Previous Leadership articles […]

Leadership Provides Direction

“Provides direction” consists of 4 behaviors: makes expectations clear; establishes a manageable workload for direct reports; accomplishes longer-term objectives by planning incremental steps; keeps focus on big picture while implementing the details In First Break All the Rules the most important item in a worker’s job satisfaction is “I know what’s expected of me.” Translated […]