Child Care Subsidy: Child Care Clients Who are Self-Employed

The Child Care Subsidy program requires caretakers who are self-employed to earn federal minimum wage if they are legally and financially responsible for the child. The amount used to determine whether an individual is meeting this requirement is the is countable income after all business expenses have been deducted.

For individuals who are just starting a new business or who have been self-employed for less than a year it can be difficult to reach this goal. In these instances, the worker must counsel the client about the need to increase their income to achieve the minimum wage requirement.

Perhaps one of the best places to start is to ask the client what they believe can be done to increase their income. If the client is unsure how to achieve this outcome, the worker can explore the following areas to determine if the client has considered:

  • Different types of Advertising (flyers, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Ways to expand their client base
  • Additional local resources such as a technology center or the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
  • The suitability or appropriateness of the self-employment for the client

When at renewal the client is still not meeting the minimum wage rule; further child care is not approved for this need factor.

NOTE: At renewal, when the worker believes there has been an substantial change to the client’s self-employment situation and more time should be given to the client to reach the minimum wage requirement; the worker must email the details to for approval prior to continuing care.

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