Child Care Subsidy: Early Head Start/Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) & OK Early Childhood Program (OECP)

Effective 03/01/19

A child attending an EHS-CCP grant program or an OECP may be approved for a weekly unit type when the parent or caretaker qualifies for Child Care Subsidy and meets a need factor for some of the EHS-CCP grant program or OECP care hours. This is so the child can take advantage of the full EHS/OECP curriculum which is 5 days a week.

  • When there is a joint custody arrangement and both parents are eligible for child care subsidy or the child needs care at two different child care providers, a weekly unit type is not approved.
  • When another child not attending an EHS-CCP grant program or an OECP is included in the household and receives child care, the child is only approved for care based on the days and hours the parent or caretaker meets the need factor, including travel time.
  • Household income is exempt for all children in care when at least one child attends an EHS-CCP grant program or an OECP and the household meets entry income eligibility guidelines per DHS Appendix C-4, Child Care Eligibility/Co-payment Chart.
    • The worker must determine that the household is income eligible prior to excluding the income.
    • If the household is income eligible, the worker enters the entire household income in the “total diverted income” field (E47) on the FACS Child Care tab to exclude the income.
  • When the child stops attending an EHS-CCP grant program or an OECP, the worker:
    • removes household income from the “total diverted income” field (E47) on the FACS Child Care tab per the Appendix B-2, Deadlines for Case Actions, advance notice deadlines; however, the system will not allow an increase in copayment during an eligibility period. At renewal, a copayment will be assessed for the family as appropriate.
    • Leaves the authorization coded with the weekly unit type since care cannot be decreased during an eligibility period. At renewal the child care plan is updated based on current information.
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