Child Care Subsidy: Early Head Start / Child Care Partnership Grant Programs – What Are They?

In January of 2014, Congress appropriated $500,000,000 to expand the number and quality of early learning slots for infants and toddlers through Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) grants. These grants allow new or existing Early Head Start programs to partner with local child care centers and family child care providers serving infants and toddlers from low-income families.

The partnerships will support working families by providing a full-day, full-year program so that low-income children have the healthy and enriching early experiences they need to realize their full potential.

Early Head Start programs also provide comprehensive services that benefit children, families, and teachers, including:

  • Health, developmental and behavioral screenings
  • Higher health, safety and nutrition standards
  • Increased professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Increased parent engagement opportunities

Oklahoma grantees:
Choctaw Nation
Little Dixie Community Action Agency, Inc.
Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency, Inc.
Sunbeam Family Services, Inc.
Tulsa Educare, Inc.
Tulsa Community Action Project of Tulsa County
The Delaware Tribe

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