Confidentiality: HIPAA – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am a Social Services Specialist and am working with an elderly food stamp client. Can I request a billing statement from a pharmacist to determine a medical deduction for the SNAP case?
Yes, but you will need to assist your client in completing and signing an Authorization to Disclose Medical Records form. This new form is HIPAA –compliant and replaces Section IV of the 08AD060E (formerly the ADM-60). It is codified as 08HI003E (HIPAA-3) and can be found on the InfoNet in the HIPAA folder.
Q2. Do Social Services Specialists need to give the Privacy Notice to all Medicaid recipients?
No. The 08HI001E, (HIPAA-1) Privacy Notice, must be displayed in the reception area and a copy provided to anyone who specifically requests one. Only our employees who provide direct health care (nurses, case managers, etc.) are required to give each client a Privacy Notice. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority mails their Privacy Notice to all Medicaid recipients, but OKDHS is not required to do a mass mailing.
Q3. How does HIPAA affect fair hearings that may involve protected health information?
No one can attend a fair hearing except the client, his or her personal representative, the hearing officer, and the OKDHS representative(s), unless the client gives permission.
Q4. We are getting many provider requests for medical ID numbers to file claims because our notices and authorizations do not include the new personal medical ID numbers. Are we allowed to provide the medical ID numbers without permission from the client?
Yes, because it is for the purpose of payment, which HIPAA says we can disclose to the provider without the client’s permission.

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