Accidently Printed Federal Tax Information

Instructions regarding Tax Information that is printed.

County Director Process – Confidentiality


County Director Process – Court Order / Records Request

Instructions on Court Orders / Records Request

County Director Process – Correspondence Assignments

Guidelines on Correspondence

Telephone Interviews – Sample Script

Sample script to use for Telephone Interviews

Site Coordinator Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding  Site Coordinator responsibilities with National Voter Registration Act: Is DHS responsible for mailing the voter registration applications completed in the office to the State Election Board? Yes, staff is responsible for giving the local voter registration site coordinator all completed or partially completed voter registration applications on a daily basis. […]

Confidentiality – A Guide for Interviews

The Department of Human Services has a strict policy on confidentiality. DHS employees are prohibited from accessing or viewing client records for any reason other than performance of assigned duties. The information I enter into the data base will only be accessed or discussed among the staff handling your case record to determine eligibility. “However, […]

Confidentiality Examples

Examples of how confidentiality is maintained

HIPAA – Forms

The following forms are related to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA): 08HI001E (HIPAA-1) Privacy Notice 08HI001S (HIPAA-1-SV) Privacy Notice (Spanish) 08HI001I (HIPAA-1) Privacy Notice Instructions 08HI002S (HIPAA-2-SV) Privacy Notice Acknowledgment (Spanish) 08HI003E (HIPAA-3) Authorization to Disclose Medical Records 08HI003E (HIPAA-3) Authorization to Disclose Medical Records Instructions 08HI003S (HIPAA-3-SV) Authorization to Disclose Medical […]

HIPAA – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am a Social Services Specialist and am working with an elderly food stamp client. Can I request a billing statement from a pharmacist to determine a medical deduction for the SNAP case? Yes, but you will need to assist your client in completing and signing an Authorization to Disclose Medical Records form. This […]