NewIncome – Actual vs. Anticipated

Provides information regarding when to use Actual or Anticipated Income or both.

NewSNAP Expungement

Timeframe of SNAP Expungement

NewOral Communication of Work Registration and ABAWD

Policy Changes related to July 2021

EA Screens & Companion Cases

Examples of EA Screens and Companion Cases

Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

Bonus Income Scenario Flowchart

Article to House the Bonus Income Scenario Flow-Chart

Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA)

Details regarding Consolidated Appropriations Act


Explanation of OK SNAP Works and Process with ABAWD Requirements

Household Composition Gemba Card

Link to Household Composition Gemba Card

Initial Denial with 2nd Month Certification

Instructions regarding cases that have a denial in the month of application, but can be certified the month after.