Long Term Care (LTC): Waivered Service Programs / Alternatives to Nursing Care

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority administers several waiver programs that offer an alternative to nursing care. These programs give individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities who need institutional care, the opportunity to remain in their home or a community based setting while receiving that level of care.

Advantage Assisted Living Waiver

The ADvantage Waiver Assisted Living program is overseen by the Advantage Administrative Unit (AAU) in the Aging Services Division (ASD) and is the only housing –with-nursing-supervised personal care services option. AAU is currently responsible for all certifications and reviews and can be reached by calling 918-933-4900. The monthly maintenance standard for individuals residing in an ADvantage Assisted Living Facility, which is the amount of money the client may retain for his/her own needs, is currently $1,103 and can be found on Appendix C-1 Schedule VIII B.2. 317:35-17-3 (c)(2)

Medically Fragile Waiver

The Medically Fragile waiver is for people whose medical needs are higher than what can be met under the ADvantage waiver (hospital and/or skilled nursing facility level of care). Applicants may contact the Oklahoma Health Care Authority at 888-287-2443 or 405-522-7754 to apply for the program. Applications can also be submitted online.  Eligibility does not guarantee placement in the program as Waiver membership is limited. 317:50-1-3

Living Choice Waiver

The Living Choice waiver allows people 19 years of age or older who are institutionalized in a nursing or public ICF/ID facility, for a minimum of 60 consecutive days, to move into the community with necessary supports. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority administers the Living Choice Waiver but the AFS LTC worker maintains and reviews the cases. Once a person in this program has been eligible for 365 days, s/he must transition to ADvantage Waiver. 317:35-23-2

Home and Community Based Waiver Services (HCBWS) for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Individuals who receive services from this waiver require a nursing home level of care for people with intellectual disabilities. Persons must categorically relate to ABD or AFDC related and must have a diagnosis of intellectually disability before the age of 22 and be at least 3 years of age. Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) is the division that works with individuals approved for the program.

Some services include employment and training, assistive technology. 317:40-5-100

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