Link to Information regarding Sooner Select on the OHCA Website

ADvantage Waiver Appeal Procedures

OHCA Appeals Unit handles the appeals for ADvantage (not DHS Appeals Unit)

PACE Procedures – Disenrolling from PACE

Procedures related to Disenrolling from PACE

PACE Procedures – Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

Procedure for Certifying PACE with Vending Medical

IRS 1095-B Tax Form

Medicaid Qualifying Coverage Verification

Medicaid Income Pension Trust (MIPT) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Medicaid Income Pension Trusts

OHCA Medicaid Programs

Link to Oklahoma Health Care Authority Medicaid Programs Page

Pregnancy and Disability-Related Medical

Process regarding Disability-Related Medical and Pregnancy

Vendor Payments & Nursing Facility Transfers

Which nursing home should get the vendor payment?

UpdatedSpecial Needs Trust

What a special needs trust is, the criteria that must be met to be a special needs trust, what can be done with the money, what happens when the beneficiary dies, what are a worker’s responsibilities in regard to a special needs trust