Systems Help: PS2 Instructions – Section K (TANF Tracking Assessment Authorization)

The following are descriptions/ instructions of each Section K (TANF Tracking Assessment Authorization) field in IMS.

Notebook: ELIG
Field: Authorization Number.
PS-2 Block: K1
Instructions: Computer determined on new authorization and keyed for updates to existing ones.
Notebook: ELIG
Field: Person Number.
PS-2 Block: K4
Instructions: Enter PS-2 Person number.

NOTE: For authorizations created in FACS, select from the dropdown the household member who took the assessment. Make sure the correct person is showing as these authorizations cannot be changed once they are entered.

Notebook: ELIG
Field: Authorization Type.
PS-2 Block: K8
Instructions: AT = TANF Assessment Authorization
NOTE: This block must be entered when adding a new authorization.

For authorizations created using FACS, the system automatically assigns the authorization type based on the use of the Auth AT ASMT Tab being used to create the authorization.

Notebook: ELIG
Field: Action Taken.
PS-2 Block: K12
Instructions: 1 = Open.
NOTE: The authorization will go to closed status when the update is cleared. These authorizations cannot be changed once they have cleared all editing.

Notebook: ELIG
Field: Component.
PS-2 Block: K20
Instructions: Enter the TANF Assessment component.

Tracking Assessment Components

  • SS = SASSI
  • AS = ASI
  • LD = Learning Disability
  • AA = Academic Achievement
  • CA = Career Interest, Aptitude, Values
  • PS = Pre-Screen
  • UA = Urinalysis
Notebook: ELIG
Field: Assessment Provider
PS-2 Block: K32
Instructions: Enter the name of the assessment provider (up to 25 characters).
Notebook: ELIG
Field: Assessment Results Date
PS-2 Block: K56
Instructions: Enter the date the assessment was completed. Must enter the month, day, century and year.  (Example 02012017)

Notebook: ELIG
Field: Assessment Result
PS-2 Block: K57
Instructions: Enter the Assessment result determined by the Provider.

Valid entries are:

SS component

  • High
  • Low
  • Invalid

AS component

  • NR = No Recommendation
  • RMHS  = Recommend Mental Health Services
  • RIDT = Recommend Illegal Drug Treatment
  • RAT = Recommend Alcohol Treatment
  • RPDT = Recommend Prescription Drug Treatment
  • RFUA = Refer to Urinalysis

LD component

  • IND = Indicated
  • NI = Not Indicated
  • CPL = Completed

AA component

  • Alpha Numeric-seven (7) or eight (8) characters. These scores must be recorded as shown on the TABE.

    (NOTE: The reading score MUST be in recorded in block K57.)

CA component

  • SP = Science Professional
  • SS = Science Skilled
  • TP = Technology Professional
  • TS = Technology Skilled
  • CE = Consumer Economics
  • OD = Outdoor
  • BP = Business Professional
  • BS = Business Skilled
  • CL = Clerical
  • CM = Communication
  • AP = Art Professional
  • AS = Art Skilled
  • SVP = Service Professional
  • SK = Service Skilled

PS component

  • RS = Refused Screening
  • SD = Self-Declared Illegal Drug Use

UA component

  • PFA = Positive for Alcohol
  • PFFD = Positive for Prescription Drugs
  • PFID = Positive or Illegal Drugs
  • NEG = Negative (only use if all tests are negative)

NOTE: The worker can enter more than one (1) Assessment Result as determined by the component, however they cannot be duplicates.

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