Telework: Tips for Managing Teleworkers

The following items are things to keep in mind if you supervise employees that telecommute.

  1. Establish the ground rules: In order to have successful telework relationships, all participants must use the same guidelines. See Form 11AD006E (revised 10/01/2016)
  2. Select the right employees: The teleworker must meet established benchmarks for timeliness and accuracy. Telework is a management option. It’s a privilege, not an entitlement. Not everyone wants to telework, not everyone is right for telework. Does the employee consistently meet deadlines? Do they show up to work on time? Can they work independently?
  3. Offer alternative work arrangements: If an employee requests telework, but you think he or she will not be a successful teleworker, it is best to wait until the problems are resolved. Explain what has to be corrected and set the timetable for reevaluation. Consider offering other flexible work arrangements, such as flex time or alternative work week.
  4. Discuss expectations: Set clear expectations and discuss how the employee will track work performed. E.g. Day Sheet (Adm-57).
  5. Communication: The teleworker is required to be available to communicate with the supervisor, co-workers and the public by telephone, email and/or Microsoft Teams. The employee is required to respond to the supervisor within 30 minutes of receiving an email, text or telephone call.
  6. Work Environment: It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain a safe and productive work environment, but OKDHS is still responsible for the safety of their employees and are liable for workers compensation when an employee is teleworking.
  7. Records Maintenance and Security: Employees who work at home are subject to the same rules regarding the management of records and confidentiality as those who are working in the office. The employee’s entire personal computer may be discoverable depending on the situation.
  8. Support Your Employees:  Document your employee’s successes, so you can validate the program.  There may be times when you will need to run interference for your teleworkers.

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