Decision Point: Office Closures and Reduced Services

Risk Assessment in determining evacuations, weather-related events and emergencies.

Field Manager Process – Overview

County Director Process articles are instructions regarding the “nuts and bolts” of activity that occurs in the county office. Several areas are covered such as safety, personnel, and contracts. Access the articles regarding County Director Process.

Contract Monitoring

Annual Monitoring Visit

Field Manager Process – Interview Committee Selections

Guidelines for Interviews for Promotional and Entry Level Positions.

Field Manager Process – Correspondence Assignments

Guidelines on Correspondence

Tips for Managing Teleworkers

Tips for Managing Teleworkers

Task Management – Working Competently

Working Competently requires three areas of skill development: mastery of the fundamentals required for accomplishing the job; ability to learn and apply new information quickly; ability to set priorities and stick to them “Working competently” in the area of task management sets a high standard for managers as role models. This high standard requires managers […]