Fair Hearings: UpdatedSubmitting a Fair Hearing Request

Hearing requests must be sent to the Appeals Unit by utilizing the Fair Hearing Request Form linked here.

Fair Hearing Request Form

Fair Hearing Request-Quick Reference Guide

Request For Hearing

  • Fair hearing requests for all assistance programs except SNAP must be made in writing, and signed by the requesting party. It is preferred that a requesting party submit a hearing request using the H-1 “Request for Hearing” form, 13MP001E, Fair Hearings | Quest (oucpm.org), however, any writing, including an email, or document attached to an email is accepted as a request for hearing.
  • Note that an H-1 form must be submitted for all hearing requests. For requests that are submitted in writing but not on the H-1 form, and for verbal requests made for SNAP, the caseworker completes the “Case Information” portion of the H-1. Please include the name of the caseworker and supervisor on the H-1 form.
  • Do not hold a request for hearing. As soon as a Request for Fair Hearing is made the H-1 must be filled out and sent to the Appeals Unit for processing.

Submission of Fair Hearing Request, H-1 Form, and Notice Being Appealed

  • All requests for hearing (including verbal requests regarding SNAP) must be submitted to the appeals unit electronically by filling out and submitting the Administrative Hearing Request Form located at forms.office.com – Administrative Hearing Request
  • The Administrative Request for Hearing Form can also be found by going to the InfoNet, “Support Divisions”, “Legal Services”. “Our Services”, “Office of Administrative Hearings-Appeals,”, and scrolling down to “Click Here!” Please include the name of the caseworker, supervisor, and as much additional information as possible on the form.
  • A completed H-1 form and a copy of the notice being appealed must also be sent to the appeals unit.
  • The H-1 form and notice can either be attached to the Administrative Hearing Request Form, before it is submitted, or sent separately by email to Legal.OAH.Appeals.Staff@okdhs.org.

Preparation for Hearing-Hearing Summary

  • The supervisor or Field Manager is responsible for preparing the “Hearing Summary”, H-1-A, 13MP002E, Fair Hearings | Quest (oucpm.org)
  • For assistance see Writing a Hearing Summary (H-1-A) | Quest (oucpm.org)
  • A copy of the completed hearing summary must be provided to the person that requested the hearing at least 5 days prior to the hearing.
  • A copy of the hearing summary must also be sent to the appeals unit Legal.OAH.Appeals.Staff@okdhs.org. If possible, please send the summary as one Adobe document, as opposed to separate documents. Ideally, those who have access to Adobe Pro can submit the summary as one document. If this is not possible the summary can be scanned and emailed to the appeals unit.

QUESTIONS? Email the appeals unit at Legal.OAH.Appeals.Staff@okdhs.org

Interagency Mail: DHS STO, Sequoyah Memorial Building, Legal Services, Appeals Unit

Mail: Appeals Unit, Department of Human Services, P.O. Box 25352, Oklahoma City, OK 73125

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