ACES: Resolving an Employment History (OWG) Discrepancy

This discrepancy shows the client’s previous employment history. When the worker sees this discrepancy, the worker checks the OWL screen for the client and determines if the employment was ever reported by the client. If the client has reported the employment and it was later verified as terminated, the worker case notes this information and clears the discrepancy.

If the employment was not reported by the client, the worker should follow similar rules as the SNH/NNH discrepancy. Refer to article ACES: Resolving a State New Hire List (SNH)/National New Hire (NNH) Discrepancy.

Refer to the following article for instructions on clearing G1DX edits (DXD Transaction): ACES: How to Clear G1DX Edits

Use ‘OWG’ for the Data Type and Error Type for Employment History (OWG) discrepancies.

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