Fair Hearing Summary Example

The following is an example of a completed hearing summary Form 13MP002E (H-1-A) for a LIHEAP/ECAP hearing. For Page 1 of the hearing summary the following needs to be completed: Local Office Number Case Name Case Number Hearing Number Select the Action prompting the hearing request. Issue: A descriptive paragraph should be written regarding the […]

Hearing Responsibilities and Procedures

Fair Hearing responsibilities and procedures.

How Do I Submit a Hearing Notice?

Contact Information for Appeals Notices

SNAP Hearing Process

Required form: 13MP001E (H-1) Hearing Request – means a clear expression by a client or authorized representative of the client’s desire to contest an action, or failure to act, by DHS through the presentation of testimony and evidence to an Administrative Hearing Officer (AHO). It is important to remember that for SNAP a client can […]

Travis’ Top Ten Tips for Hearings

Tips for Conducting Hearings

Fair Hearing

Fair hearing –The purpose of the fair hearing is to allow a client to protest a negative action taken by a worker or a failure to act in relation to benefits administered by AFS.