Agency View: Agency View Overview, Log-In, & Member Search

There may be times when clients need assistance applying for medical or completing their annual renewal for medical benefits. Agency View is often used for this purpose. For instructions on accessing Agency View; refer to article Agency View: How Do I Get to Agency View?

Agency Identification

  • Select or change Agency
  • Agency ID REV

Search for Member or Applicant

  • Search for member by using any of the following criteria:
    • Case Number
    • Agency Search Case Number REV
    • Member ID
    • Agency Search Member ID REV
    • Social Security Number and Date of Birth
    • Agency Search SSN DOB REV
  • If an incorrect search criterion is submitted, Use the “Clear Form” button to clear information and begin again.
  • Sometimes the search results will produce more than one result. Use the “View Only” button to make sure the correct case is chosen. Make sure the individual who is applying or renewing their medical is present on the case.
  • To open the case, complete renewal, or update click “Open & Update).

Note: If the application has changes pending (Application State of ‘Saved’) and an earlier version of the application is selected, the saved version of the application will be deleted and all updates pending on it will be lost.

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