UpdatedAged, Blind, Disabled (ABD)

Policy Links Regarding ABD


Information regarding SoonerRide

Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) Custody and ABD-Related Eligibility

ABD-Related Benefits and OJA

Applications – ABD Related & SSA Appeal

Information regarding previously denied applications and when they can be used again to certify a medical benefit.

Agency View – MEMBERS

Instructions for the Member Tab in Agency View

Agency View Overview, Log-In, & Member Search

Instructions on Logging in to Agency View and searching for members.

What is Covered? Comparison Chart of SoonerCare Benefits

Link to SoonerCare Benefit Chart

Cost Share Copays for SoonerCare Members

Information Regarding Copays for SoonerCare Members

UpdatedTEFRA Packet

Link to TEFRA Packet PDF