Leadership: Field Managers Process – Bedbug Protocol

Field Managers shall ensure staff is aware of what to do when a possible bedbug is seen in the office and that preparedness items are always on hand.

  • Secure the area/office where the bug(s) was spotted. Isolate the area(s) or items in question.
  • Take a clear digital image of the bug if possible and send it via email to:
    sickplants@okstate.edu , *STO.HRMD.RISKMGMT@OKDHS.ORG , the AFS Regional Deputy (RDD), and the Deputy Director of Operations (DDO). Include details such as who, what, when, where and how many bugs found.
  • Follow up by sending the bug(s) per the instructions to Oklahoma State University (OSU) for identification.
  • The Field Managers or designee will determine who is responsible for pest control in the particular facility and schedule them to conduct a thorough inspection of the suspect area(s) ASAP.
    • If the facility is leased and the owner is responsible, contact the owner.
    • If there is a DHS pest control contract, contact the vendor.
    • If there is no pest control contract, contact DHS Contracts and Purchasing (C&P) in order to hire an exterminator on an urgent need basis.
    • It may be necessary to prepare the office for treatment. Follow directions of your pest control service.
  • The Field Managers or designee will send an email to the county office staff informing them of the situation. CC Risk and Safety, RDD, and DDO.
  • The Field Managers or designee will ensure to communicate the pest control and OSU findings with Risk and Safety, RDD, DDO and the county office staff.

For full detailed instructions, refer to DHS Bedbug Protocol.

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