Leadership: Field Manager Process – Department of Labor FSLA

Field Manager are responsible for ensuring that OKDHS employees have available for review the rules and regulations governing overtime work for non-exempt employees including:

  1. OPM policy guidelines  for FLSA
  2. OKDHS FLSA regulations; and
  3. all posters required by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL).

Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) Questions and Answers


Policy: OKDHS:

  • 2-1-26.1 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance
  • 2-1-27 Procedures for overtime work by FSLA non-exempt employees
  • 2-1-28 Workweeks and work periods
  • 2-1-30 Overtime compensation and record keeping
  • 2-1-31.1 Compensable time for FLSA non-exempt employees


For further guidance regarding FLSA subjects and Workweek Adjustments, refer to the SOP.


Please contact HRM.FMLA/FLSA@okdhs.org with additional questions or for more information.

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