Leadership: Field Manager Process – Reduced Services

Policy: OKDHS: 2-1-33.1

Guide for reduction in services outside the seven-county Oklahoma City metro area.

Field Manager prior to contacting your Deputy Director check the following:

  • Check the road conditions on the Department of Public Safety website
  • Check with your County Emergency Management
  • Consider each county office separately
  • Visual observation of the situation, be specific
  • Time of day
  • How long the event is anticipated to last
  • Temperature outside, will it get above freezing and when
  • Specific events that have occurred to support the other information
  • Photos to support the events
  • What are the local schools doing and why
  • Event needs to have actually started not just forecast

After gathering the information, the Deputy Director will contact the Deputy Director of Operations for approval. If approved, the DDO contacts the proper state office personnel unit for the website to be updated and a text alert to be delivered.

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